Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Michael Eckersley- Extra Credit Meeting

After hearing Michael Echersley speak I was left with a greater understanding of exactly what an interaction designer is. He talked about a project that he was doing with his students that was funded by some car company. The students video taped themselves driving a car, paper buttons from an imaginary gps unit were tapped to different parts of the dashboard and steering wheel. Students would practice interacting with these fake buttons in order to find their optimal placement. It was very interesting. If I ever go to graduate school I am going to look into interaction design.

I though it was peculiar, Michael said a few times during his talk that he was not an artist. It had never entered my mind that you could be a designer without being an artist. I guess its true, but I had never thought about it. I also thought it was weird for DOVA to invite a visiting artist to speak who isn't really an artist.

James Balog Lecture Statement

In my opinion James Balog is one of the best visiting artist that Dova has had in years. I have looked at his photographs since I was in high school. It was partly his photography of Antarctic ice that influence me to choose art and a career path. His presentation was very interesting, however I wish he would have brought some of his photography.

I think he gave valuable insight into how to succeed as an artist in the world. The impression that I got from hearing him speak is that he was an environmentalist first and an artist second. It seemed to me that he viewed art and his photography as a tool he could use in the fight to save the environment. He is a problem solver. Ill bet that in another reality he would make a great graphic designer. He would use every element at his disposal such as business, sponsors, technology, public support, photography, etc. , in order to design a project to accomplish the solution he wanted.